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Welcome to the largest collection of Mindful recipes in the world. All of our healthy recipes have 10 ingredients, are quick to prepare and are entirely gluten- and dairy-free.


From Peanut satay pork to aromatic Vietnamese pho with courgetti, here you'll find a selection of our healthy Asian inspired recipes.

65 recipes | Explore more Asian


From mouth-watering burgers to irresistable sweetcorn fritters, we've rounded up the healthiest Australian recipes and given them a mindful twist.

15 recipes | Explore more Australian


Here at Mindful Chef we love to use seasonal ingredients in our recipes. Here's a selection of our favourite recipes to ensure you feel your best as the weather gets cooler & the nights get darker.

93 recipes | Explore more Autumn


From delicious, juicy burgers to the classic steak we've rounded up our favourite healthy beef recipes for you to enjoy.

48 recipes | Explore more Beef


From rosemary crusted lamb to honey mustard pork, our healthy British recipes are perfect for a quick midweek dinner as well as a special Sunday roast.

90 recipes | Explore more British


From chargrilled jerk chicken to Jamaican vegetable curry, here you will find a selection of Caribbean inspired recipes & flavours with a healthy twist.

7 recipes | Explore more Caribbean


From fragrant Thai curries to crispy chicken kiev there's something to excite everyone in our collection of healthy chicken recipes.

72 recipes | Explore more Chicken


Swap the takeaway for our healthy Chinese inspired recipes, from sweet & sour pork to sesame tofu there's something for everyone.

7 recipes | Explore more Chinese


Indulging at Christmas doesn't have to be unhealthy. Here you'll find a selection of our favourite festive recipes with a healthy twist.

7 recipes | Explore more Christmas