Rob, Myles and Giles, the co-founders of Mindful Chef, sitting on lobster pots in St Ives harbour, Cornwall

Our Approach

We don’t believe in meticulous calorie counting or following strict or faddy diets. We simply like good, wholesome food that benefits you and your body.

Instead of sending processed foods or cheap fillers with hidden ingredients that aren’t good for you, we choose to load our recipe boxes full of fresh produce that will help you look and feel your best.

Glazed filet steak served with butternut mash and cherry tomatoes pictured alongside the recipe card and other seasonal ingredients

Health Benefits

Cooking up Mindful Chef recipes on a regular basis has visible health benefits. After a few weeks of receiving Mindful Chef food boxes, our customers report feeling great! Clearer skin, more energy, more focus and feeling leaner are just some of the benefits of following a more balanced mindful way of eating.

There’s no fasting or crash-dieting, you’ll find yourself eating heaps of nutritious vegetables and fantastic, flavoursome natural food. Our recipes are designed to encourage you to eat food that benefits you and your body.

Louisa, Myles and Giles from Mindful Chef stood in front of an event pop-up kitchen

Time matters

We know a modern lifestyle is busy and so all recipes are 20-30 minutes and have less than 8 steps. Our boxes are designed to slot into your lifestyle, not get in the way of it. As they are insulated, produce will stay fresh for up to 36 hours so you don’t need to be in for delivery.

Summery grilled jerk chicken breast served with a buckwheat, red pepper and sweetcorn medley topped with a parsley garnish

What our customers say

“Mindful Chef food boxes are truly healthy without compromising on taste - the meals are all delicious. I’ve struggled for a while to maintain a balanced diet and Mindful Chef make it super affordable and incredibly easy! Well done team.”

Simon, customer for 7 months

“Mindful Chef has been the easiest ‘diet’ ever. Energy levels are a lot more balanced as well. As a result of Mindful Chef food boxes and exercise I’ve lost nearly a stone in the last two months. I highly recommend the service.”

Nicola, customer for 3 months

If that sounds good

It tastes even better! Within a few weeks on a Mindful diet our customers report feeling leaner, sleeping better and having more energy. Remember there’s no commitment - try our service today.

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