19 million school meals donated

In September 2017 we partnered with the charity One Feeds Two, so that for every Mindful Chef box sold, we donate a school meal to a child living in poverty.

Buy a box. Give a meal. Helping with every mouthful.

3 ways your meals make a difference

girl smiling eating with spoon 2

Tackle hunger head-on

Malawi is one of the poorest countries in the world so supporting kids like Lexi is life-changing. For far too many of them, a hot school meal is the only meal they will eat that day.

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Help Kids Learn

A nourishing hot meal does more than satisfy hunger. Regular school meals keep kids fit and healthy and helps them concentrate better, supporting their long-term education.


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Lift communities out of poverty

Every meal you give helps educate and empower communities, without creating a dependency. From the kids to the farmers who grow the local crops - it’s a positive impact.

Our journey

1 - Owen and Village Chief September 2017

September 2017

Our partnership with One Feeds Two begins - here’s to the first recipe box company with a one-for-one model!

2 February 2019 - sun flair kids smiling (1)

February 2019

It’s official - we hit our first goal of 1 ,000,000 school meals. We set our sights on a bigger win: to donate 5,000,000 meals by 2020.

3 Spring 2019 - giles myles and kids

Spring 2019

Myles & Giles visit Malawi to see how your donations are helping local communities.

4 - February 2020 ladies cooking

February 2020

We’re up to 2,000,000 meals! Together with our community of Mindful Chefs, you’ve doubled the donations.

girl with football (1)

November 2020

5,000,000 meals! That’s enough to feed 25,000 school children for an entire year. Next goal: 10 million by 2022.

6 - October 2021 myles sat with kids

November 2022

Thanks to our brilliant Mindful Chefs, we’re at the 15,000,000 meal milestone. Now, that’s some feel-good food.

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May 2023

We reached 17 million meals donated, that's equal to feeding 85,000 children for an academic year.


February 2024

You've helped us donate an incredible 19 million meals, that's 95,000 children fed through a school year! We cannot thank you enough.

Now - will you help us reach 20 million donated school meals?