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Vitacress Mint

About Vitacress

Amping up guac or adding sizzle to your salads, Vitacress Herbs brings the best quality fresh herbs like coriander and flat leaf parsley, to help pep up your cooking. 

As the market leader of fresh herbs, they produce over 80 million packs of fresh cut and pot herbs a year from their Runcton-based nursery. Grown from over 12 hectares of glasshouses – that’s equivalent to over 15 football pitches.

Sustainable, so you know they’re doing good for the planet too. In fact, with a Net Zero journey of their own, everything Vitacress does shows that they care, and we love that they're determined to leave things better than they found them.


Ingredients Supplied

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Fresh Coriander. Fresh Flat Leaf Parsley. Fresh Tarragon. Fresh Mint. Fresh Dill.