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Honey that tastes like the bee's knees.

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About Hilltop Honey

We've always been buzzing about this British blossom honey you'll be drizzling, dressing and sweetening sauces with.

Hilltop Honey was founded in 2011 by Scott, whose very first jars from his very first hive were so delicious, he turned his passion into a business. Now Hilltop is one of the UK’s leading independent suppliers, and every drop of their fairtrade honey is ethically sourced from cooperatives that support beekeepers, their families, and communities. They also donate 25% of their profits from Adopt a Bee to the Honeypot Charity.

When it comes to quality, you can rest assured their honey tops the lot. Think: BRCGS V8 grade A registered with KLBD and the Soil Association. And a 100% chemical-free production process.

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British Blossom Honey.