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That they've grown this nutritious grain right here in the UK.


About British Quinoa Company

You’d be forgiven for thinking your Mindful Chef white quinoa comes from faraway lands. Not so. The British Quinoa Company is father and son team, Edward and Stephen Jones, who farm their white quinoa crops straight from the family farm in Shropshire’s fertile soils.

What started as an experiment in 2006 led to their first full crop in 2013, and since then they’ve grown - and grown! This golden nutty grain is a game-changer. It’s technically a seed, but your British version is a natural source of protein, packed with all your essential amino acids and minerals (just what we like for a healthy diet).

It’s known for its rich, nutty taste and soft texture, with a little bite. It’s why we use it instead of rice and pasta in loads of your healthy recipes.

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White quinoa.