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About Biona Organic

For Biona Organic, the clue's in the name.

This family-run independent company believes in great-tasting, thoughtfully prepared food that complements an ethical lifestyle. You'll be cooking with their jackfruit (popping it into burgers, curries and stews), peas and fava beans.

So what makes them stand out? Biona organic uses sustainable farming methods. They never work their land intensively. They don't use chemical pesticides or herbicides on crops. And they don’t grow genetically modified plants either.

In fact, every ingredient is grown on organic farms, which follow the highest welfare and environmental standards. Like us, they practice 100% traceability for all of their products. 67% of their products are currently produced using renewable resources and 95% of their range is completely recyclable! Pretty neat, if you ask us.

Ingredients Supplied

You'll find these in our recipe boxes...

Jackfruit. Peas. Fava beans