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Pork Recipes

From spicy pork chilli to Vietnamese crispy pork here you'll find a collection of our favourite healthy pork recipes, inspired by cuisines around the world.

Nutrition: 437 calories, 17g carbs, 24g fat, 39g protein

Cuisine: Asian | Season: Summer | Allergens: Soya, Sulphites

Nutrition: 518 calories, 31g carbs, 27g fat, 42g protein

Cuisine: European | Specials: Date Night | Season: Spring | Allergens: Nuts, Sulphites
Recipe easy

Nutrition: 582 calories, 37g carbs, 30g fat, 40g protein

Cuisine: European | Specials: Easy | Season: Spring | Allergens: Celery
Recipe easy

Nutrition: 583 calories, 61g carbs, 22g fat, 43g protein

Cuisine: Middle Eastern | Specials: Easy | Season: Summer | Allergens: Nuts, Sulphites

Nutrition: 555 calories, 42g carbs, 23g fat, 43g protein

Cuisine: British | Season: Spring | Allergens: Celery

Nutrition: 574 calories, 45g carbs, 29g fat, 38g protein

Cuisine: Italian | Specials: Date Night | Season: Spring | Allergens: Sulphites

Nutrition: 633 calories, 65g carbs, 24g fat, 41g protein

Cuisine: Asian | Season: Winter | Allergens: Sulphites
Recipe easy

Nutrition: 612 calories, 37g carbs, 30g fat, 47g protein

Cuisine: British | Specials: Easy | Season: Winter | Allergens: Celery, Mustard

Nutrition: 594 calories, 37g carbs, 29g fat, 46g protein

Cuisine: British | Season: Autumn | Allergens: Celery, Mustard, Nuts