Yogahood opens up the doors to people who don’t see themselves as fitting into the traditional yoga spaces that were previously out there.

Sanchia Legister

Yoga Teacher, Founder of YogaHood (

Sanchia “unapologetically shows up in the world”, as a runner, yoga teacher, energy giver and public speaker. With over 10 years experience mentoring young people and working in drama, Sanchia is now known for her popular underground Yogahood and Gyal Flex (hip hop yoga and meditation) classes.

Her infamous hip hop playlists and mindful Vinyasa flows work seamlessly together to stretch the body, calm the mind and help people find freedom and space. Her aim is to open up the yoga wellness scene to everyone, regardless of age or background. She echoes our belief in a strong sense of inclusive community and building a family-like wellness network.

Sanchia introduced a “backchat” segment after her classes to really extend the ethos of community and support that Yogahood revolves around. It’s an open and informal Q&A that unites the group and encourages people to share personal issues, join discussions around wellness and forge friendships.

Why we love working with Sanchia

She's passionate about inclusivity and community, just as we are. She's successfully created a wellness voice and space for people who often find themselves alienated from more traditional studios and classes.

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